Fake News: Ambassador Friedman and the Temple Mount

An honorable ambassador with moral clarity celebrates a historic achievement of the dedication of the US Embassy in Jerusalem and what does the liberal left media do? Create a story that is completely fake news trying to imply in some way that the ambassador was approving of the Temple Mount reconstruction. Complete nonsense!

Only a lunatic would believe that a distinguished diplomat like David Friedman would do such a thing. So they can’t put a bull‘s eye on Donald Trump and they can’t stop what historically has happened so they create a ‘food-fight’ using a picture that David Friedman knew nothing about to imply something that was completely false – how shameful.

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How many times has David Friedman said that he supports maintaining the status quo on the temple mount? Why didn’t the fake news report that?

Young Muslims hear such things and feel they are called to Jihad, killing innocent people, all in the name of Allah; and who is responsible for infecting their hearts and minds with such misinformation? Fake news!