A mutual covenant: KKL-JNF delegation visits Hungary

The KKL-JNF delegation, which arrived in Budapest on May 3, was led by KKL-JNF Director General Amnon Ben-Ami, and included Karine Bolton-Laor, director of the Department, Simon Elbaz, head of KKL-JNF’s , and Lin Dror, projects coordinator in the International Relations Department. The delegation’s first stop was the Scheiber Sándor School, one of three schools with connections to the Jewish community. Jewish and non-Jewish pupils attend the school, which offers traditional Jewish studies as well as classes on the Land of Israel. As Ákos Nagy, the communications director of the Jewish community, said, “Budapest is a very open and accepting city. Since everyone here has Jewish friends or Jewish roots, many people choose to attend our school.” During the visit, the delegation and their hosts discussed hosting pupils in Israel and sending a delegation of teachers to Israel.

In his welcoming remarks to the KKL-JNF delegation, Dr. István Nagy, Parliamentary Secretary of State for Agriculture, said, “We have engaged in many projects with the Jewish community, and we will keep doing so in the future. I am very happy to become acquainted with KKL-JNF and to look into working together.”

KKL-JNF Director General Amnon Ben Ami spoke briefly about the history of KKL-JNF, its role in Israel, and its work in many countries throughout the world in areas such as water conservation, forestry, and combating desertification. András Heisler, president of the Federation of Jewish communities in Hungary, told the guests about a joint rehabilitation project in a park in Budapest where 35 trees will be planted in addition to the 35 trees that KKL-JNF planted in Israel.