Airbnb guests pump $700m into NZ economy

Airbnb guests have generated an estimated $700 million for the New Zealand economy last year.

Photo: AFP

A Deloitte report about the economic impact of the accommodation rental website found three quarters of guest spending was on services and goods other than accommodation.

About 1.4 million people stayed with Airbnb last year, with two-thirds of them being overseas visitors.

Figures from Stats NZ and a survey of Airbnb guests found 22 percent of what guests spent around the country was at restaurants, cafes and bars.

A fifth of the total spending went to leisure activities such as entertainment and museums.

Guests in Auckland spent the most at $200 million, followed by those in Queenstown who spent $89 million last year.

The report acknowledged issues with Airbnb, such as increased noise levels in neighbourhoods and pressure on the availability of long term accommodation.

It suggested that appropriate regulation could help to address those concerns.