Smoke canisters placed near Prime Minister‘s residence in Caesarea

Three smoke canisters were placed dozens of meters from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s private residence in Caesarea  on Friday afternoon causing no damage, according to the security department in the Prime Minister‘s Office.

The smoke canisters were opened amid protests against the alleged corruption of the Netanyahu regime, which included a specific protest in favor of removing an offshore oil drilling rig away from the Israeli coast.

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Walla reports that a teenager threw a gas canister to the ground which led to another protestor who grabbed it and threw it to the garbage can. The crowd diapered and no one was arrested.

 800 activists gathered to protest the Leveithan off-shore drilling rig, which will be built 10 kilometers off of the coast of Dor beach near Haifa, to be relocated 120 kilometers from the beach. The protestors believe that the oil rig will massively pollute the sea and ask that the rig be moved, according to a Netanya wed-based news site.